SeeThroughNY Is Here to Shine a Light on How Transparent Our Government Is

As the importance of open government and citizen participation rises, so does the need for access to public records. The public has a right to know how government spends their tax dollars, who is making policy decisions, and how those decisions will influence their daily lives.Thankfully, technological developments have made getting your hands on this data simpler than ever, and SeeThroughNY has emerged as a potent instrument for government openness.

SeeThroughNY: Shining a Light on State Administration in New York

SeeThroughNY is a searchable database that opens up previously inaccessible government documents and data to the people of New York. The Empire Center for Public Policy created this website to help the public by revealing how state and local governments operate. SeeThroughNY helps the public hold their representatives responsible and make better-informed choices by making this data easily accessible.

Salary Disclosing Policies

SeeThroughNY’s extensive salary information for government workers is a major selling point. Not only do state salaries count toward this total, but so do pay for municipal governments, school districts, and public authorities.This level of openness ensures that citizens hold government officials accountable for their spending decisions and provides insight into how their tax dollars are used.

Spending Tax Money on Contracts

SeeThroughNY’s database of government contracts is another useful feature.This includes government contracts at all levels of government.Providing the public with access to this data will enable them to monitor the spending of their tax dollars and will help prevent any appearance of favoritism or corruption in government contracting.

Controlling Taxpayer Money

Numerous government agencies budgets and financial reports are also available through SeeThroughNY. In this way, the public can see how government is using their tax dollars.With this knowledge, citizens may advocate for the most economical and productive use of public funds and have more fruitful talks about fiscal responsibility.

Money Talks: How Lobbyists and Election Campaigns Influence Policy

SeeThroughNY makes available financial data, lobbying documents, and political donations. It

It is imperative that elected officials do not get unduly swayed by special interest organizations, and this transparency helps in identifying any conflicts of interest.

Citizens can better choose candidates to support and policies to advocate for if they know who sponsors political campaigns and lobbying operations.

Friendly and Easy to Use

SeeThroughNY’s intuitive design and robust search features have garnered widespread acclaim. The website makes it simple for anyone to find their way around government agencies, look into data sets, and perform in-depth searches according to numerous parameters. Because of this, people of all educational backgrounds and experience levels are able to gain access to and comprehend official documents.

SeeThroughNY’s Effects

The significance of SeeThroughNY to the improvement of government openness is immense. This system has changed the way we interact with our government by providing the public with data that bureaucratic red tape previously protected.It has enabled citizens to demand accountability from their government representatives, make better decisions, and take an engaged role in the political process.Despite the revolutionary impact of SeeThroughNY on New York’s efforts to improve government openness, there is still much work to do.

The platform can potentially be used in other states and jurisdictions, even though its current focus is on New York state and local governments.

In addition, the platform must undergo constant development and improvements to keep up with the ever-changing state of government openness.


Finally, SeeThroughNY has proven to be an effective instrument for government openness, providing citizens access to previously unavailable data on how their government functions. This platform allows citizens to keep their elected leaders responsible and make more educated decisions by offering detailed information on wages, contracts, budgets, lobbying, and campaign contributions. SeeThroughNY and similar platforms will be increasingly important as voters demand more open government in response to developing technologies.

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